Wednesday, April 2, 2014

money can buy happiness

I don't typically like to relate money and happiness too closely because, after all, I've seen first hand that the equation always seems to fail. But last week, during the winter-that-never-ends (go ahead and sing the Lamb Chops Play-Along theme in your head) my boyfriend bought me tulips, and I have to say: instant happiness. The difference that fresh flowers can make in your home (or my home, at least) is huge! I split the tulips up in different vases to spread the happiness around, and stood and gazed at the beautiful living room every morning before I headed out into the glacial weather to drive to work. A little sad, but true.

[pink for the coffee table]

[white for the window sill]

[white + yellow for the mantle. & magnus the deer dressed for spring.]

And just because I'm on the topic of money buying happiness, here are a few other instances where that has proved to be true over the last week or two...

[Saturday morning at Helena's, w/coffee, croissant & Sunset]

[dark chocolate with almonds/sea salt]

[nerd glasses!]
In my own defense, I didn't actually spend earned money on these. I received a Forever21 gift card as a Christmas gift, and decided I had better put it to good use and buy nerd glasses for myself and my sister (you probably saw them on Sommer yesterday) as well as a gray crop top. So basically, I was Miley Cyrus for a few minutes. But as Sommer said, with complete seriousness, of the glasses when I put them on: "you look a little bit silly right now." These will be coming out more often when she's around because a judgemental look and overly blunt truth coming from a two year old is something money can't buy. ;)

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