Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A few of my favorites

Now that spring seems to have sprung in PA (as of yesterday) I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things for this spring...

Green smoothies
 She loves to be the mixer of the smoothie.  :) I'll be sharing a couple of my new favorite green monster recipes next week!

Hunter Boots
These are on my wishlist for next year... 

 Tulips! - my fave

Garden Planning
I have every intention of having a prosperous patio garden this year.  It will be my first real gardening experience and I am super excited!

Nerd Glasses
a true necessity ;-)

A new bag
This bag has a sweet pocket inside that is perfect for a couple diapers and a travel pack of wipes.  And, it is also the perfect size to carry around interview materials.  Win-win!  I found this at Kohl's!

A cute umbrella.
Carrie and I could have used this one from J.Crew this weekend when we went to the outlets in the rain.

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