Thursday, April 3, 2014

Virtual Coffee Date

I hope your week has been going well.  I thought it might be fun to have a cup of coffee (or your favorite hot drink) together today.  

If we were having coffee together I would tell you that I am so happy that the weather is warming up here in PA.  Seriously, I am so much happier when the weather is nice. 

After enduring what has to be the last winter storm on Sunday night, I am so ready to wear lighter clothing and get outside!  We have been to the park most days this week and are heading out this morning to meet some new friends for a walk.

I would also tell you that I am so thankful for our local library here in West Chester.  Sommer and I have been going to storytime for a couple months and have been able to meet some new little friends there.  We also love visiting to pick out new books and play in their children's area.

If we were sitting together today, I'd tell you how much I love watching Sommer grow up.  She is always on the move, dancing, humming, singing, running and trying hard to jump!  She is super creative and imaginative and I love watching her play.

If we were having coffee this morning, I'd tell you how thankful I am that these are my people who I get to spend my days with.

One last thing?  I'd tell you that I love the weekends and am super excited to be going to Ikea this weekend to pick up a few things.  We are also going to get all the final necessities for our patio garden which I can't wait to really get started on! 

I'd love to hear what you've been up to lately!


  1. I like this idea! But I'd love to go on a real coffee date sometime!
    So glad you're enjoying prepping for gardening and playing with Sommer. She's awfully cute.

  2. Megan, I was just thinking about you this weekend because it was Founder's and I was wishing that you and I had been road-tripping out there together! We should plan to go to our 15 year reunion together. I would love to go on a real coffee date too! Our kids are all basically a year apart and it would be so fun for them to meet. I wonder how far you are from me?