Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I've felt relatively on-the-go as of late, so it was nice to have a quiet weekend to re-charge a little and run a few errands that I had been putting off (although oil change and taxes: you are still on my list). In just one evening and two days, I managed to do yoga, some running and zumba, eat two delicious meals out, watch a favorite childhood movie and visit with my parents and grandma! And as much as I love to be around all of you wonderful people, it was nice to spend a little time alone, too. Is that weird? It must be the introvert in me. Anyway, here is a little of what I've been up to, lately...

[beautiful roses]
I typically spend a decent chunk of the weekend with my boyfriend, but he was away (in Florida! so jealous) and left these roses in his place. They are so pretty and I've already strategically split them up so that I can enjoy them in more than one section of the house.

[happy hour]
Brig and I have continued our (almost) weekly trip to Andalucia for drinks on Friday. If you're going, be sure to try the patatas bravas, khezzou and anything on special.

[Saturday morning fruit salad]
I love making breakfast (and we had a lot of random fruit hanging about), so this mango-grapefruit-blueberry-apple salad became an accompaniment to eggs and blueberry pancakes on Saturday morning. Especially delicious drizzled with a bit of honey and sprinkled with chia.

[sneakers, well worn]
I have been on what feels like a marathon of working out lately, with multiple zumba classes (including one absolutely fun and exhausting two-hour class), multiple yoga classes (trying and really loving the hot yoga), and some running/gym time in between. It's been a little tiring, but in a good way. Now if only it would warm up so that some of these could be outdoor activities!

[mantle, redesigned]
I dressed up the deer for spring and put in a couple of items for some added interest. 
It's so fun having this to decorate and rearrange with the changing seasons!

[new year, new cover]
I updated my book with a new cover this weekend, and added a few new recipes. (Chicken tacos or avocado salad dressing, anyone?) If you haven't started yours yet, get on that! 
I use this thing so often.

[on the cheap]
I found these little, being discontinued, nail polishes for less than a dollar while out running errands one day. I can't wait to put a little spring in my step come sandal season. ;)

[home goods]
I caved this weekend and visited the home section at Target for some new goods: a white-dipped basket to house my shoes and a bright throw blanket for the couch. Both items feel right at home already.

I love these city-inspired mugs from Starbucks (Brigid and I already have the NYC and Pittsburgh varieties) and I received this thoughtful gift on Sunday! If only it was filled with a little Florida sunshine! (Seriously I am so over this winter. And I like winter. More than the average bear, so to speak.)

[iPad reading]
I finally (finally!) figured out how to use my iPad as a Kindle and downloaded my favorite author's newest book. I'm really enjoying it so far and am already considering what I might read next.

Sometimes impulse T.J. Maxx purchases are the best kind of purchases, and this popcorn falls squarely in that category. This is seriously delicious popcorn. If your Saturday night consists of white wine and Pochahontas on Netflix (yep), consider this a welcome addition.

What have you been up to lately?

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