Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 Goals Update

Since it is now March, I thought I'd pop in with a little update on how I am doing at keeping up with my goals for the year.  It is definitely a slow process but after looking through some pictures from the first couple months of the year, I think I am doing okay. :)

::a little less change and a little more stability in 2014:: 
so far, so good!  We haven't had any major changes and don't really anticipate any in the near future either so that is great.  We are really enjoying our little apartment and are really looking forward to getting out and about more now that the warmer weather is coming...right?!

::my healthiest and fittest year to date::
is definitely proving to be easier said than done.  I struggle to get to the gym and can barely stand running on the treadmill while there and although I have done somewhat well with working out at home; I always try to squeeze it in during naptime and usually feel like I should be doing something else like cleaning the bathroom instead of working out.  I did just start a new running program which gets me out there 4 days a week so my current goal is to make it through this 4 week program.  Being healthier with my eating is not that hard although I struggle with lunch every day!  Any suggestions for an easy, delicious and healthy lunch?

::improve my handwriting::
I haven't spent tons of time practicing and improving but I squeeze it in where I can.

::have more fun::
has been easy and so enjoyable.  
From bathtub painting, to fort making, to play dough and playing in the snow, we have found tons of fun things to do inside and out to make our days more enjoyable and active.  I am so grateful to be able to spend my days having fun with my people.

::simplify my wardrobe::
I worked on this one at length in the early days of 2014 and have most of the pieces of clothing that I was hoping to have to really make getting dressed easier.  It is still a struggle for me to feel really confident in the outfits that I put together so I haven't really shared much here but I hope to bring a few cute outfits to this space in the near future! 
A little spring style inspiration...
::worrying less and trusting more::
this is another one that has been easier said than done but I am thankful for my faith and have found comfort in knowing that my God is bigger than my worries. 

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