Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heart Attack: Part 2

When I was really young - maybe from about the age of five until the age of ten - I loved all things "girly." Hearts? Pink? My little pony? Polly pocket? Check. Check. Check. Check. And then, sometime around the start of middle school, I rejected it all. I swore my favorite color was green (it never really was, in retrospect) and wore a lot of Hang Ten shirts (remember those?) in mildly offensive color combinations, like maroon and gray and olive green. I think it had something to do with wanting to lose my "baby of the family" title.

At this point in life, I'd venture to say I fall somewhere between those two extremes, but I still channel my much younger self when it comes to Valentine's Day. Despite what everyone says about this "fake" holiday, I've always liked it, and am especially fond of finding new ways to express my former five-year-old self's favorite shape.

[pink heart-shaped waffles. could there be a better breakfast??]

[I've been eyeing up this heart t-shirt from J.Crew ever since I saw it on The Mindy Project

[sculptural heart print. i love how this looks like pastels.]

[a perfect heart-topped cappuccino. how do they do it?!]

[dainty gold heart bracelet]

[chunky heart finger-less mittens]

[a sweet tattoo. i'm tempted, people!]

[a fun way to bring a little brightness to a gloomy day]

[a cookie version of classic Valentine treats]

What's your favorite take on the Valentine's Day heart?

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