Thursday, February 13, 2014


Can you believe that tomorrow is Valentine's day?!  I feel like I was just celebrating New Years and now it's the middle of February.  Crazy.  Do you have any plans to celebrate?  
Matt and I went out last weekend when we were visiting the Lehigh Valley.  We spent Saturday evening doing some shopping for our little valentine, walking around Bethlehem - love this town!, eating at Bethlehem BrewWorks and even getting a little frozen yogurt on this cold, cold night!  

 Sometimes it is just so nice to take a deep breath and have an uninterrupted conversation (even if it is mostly about running shoes or how much your little girl is growing up and all the things she does that make you laugh).
Since we celebrated last weekend, we don't really have any big plans for tomorrow.  What we are doing is eating pink heart pancakes for dinner, and probably hunkering down in our little apartment to hide from all the snow.  

Speaking of all the snow...this is what we are dealing with today...

its not as much as i thought I'd wake up to but it's still coming down.
i was prepared with our traditional snowy morning breakfast and lots of coffee :)

I think we will spend the day snuggling up, eating soup and watching the snow until it turns over to rain.  Maybe we'll make another batch of Valentine's Day Cookies for tomorrow.  Are you snowed in too?
And also, have you been watching the Olympics?  I just love watching them.  I thought the opening ceremonies were fantastic this year and I have enjoyed watching many of the events.  Last night while dinner was cooking, Matt and I were discussing how so many news stations ruin the evenings events by broadcasting who won what early on in the day.  We were so offended that we were practically yelling about it.  :)  I found myself laughing as we were going on and on about how annoying it is!  Do you have a favorite event?  I am a pretty big fan of the skiing, snowboarding and speed skating. 


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