Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heart Attack

Is it just me, or does the heart shape seem to be everywhere these days? I first caught wind of the trend back in October when J.Crew released their Heart Me sweater and it almost immediately sold out. Since then I’ve seen the shape popping up all over the place, and given that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I’m getting excited to try out the trend in one way or another. Here is some of the inspiration that I'm loving:

The sweater that started it all! I finally gave in and bought the tan version. :)

Cute heart shaped photo collage! I love the look of this against the crisp white sheets.

<3Sweetie Pies. I am oh-so excited to give these simple pies a try.

A fun print I would love to have in my bedroom.

DIY heart-shaped elbow patches?! I must try this!

A bold addition for the living room.

A wall hanging that makes a nice alternative to kitschy decorations.

ADORABLE manicure. 

Which is your favorite??

p.s. I found most of these inspiring images on Pinterest. You can follow me here!<3

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