Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A snowy treat!

Hi friends!  
Are you snowed in today?  I am not but sorta wish I was.  I love snowy mornings and love having cinnamon buns for my people when they wake up to a two hour delay.  I love sitting in my PJ's all day, watching the snow fall outside my window while sipping hot chocolate.  And, I especially love playing in it with my family.  If you are snowed in today, you are probably not able to enjoy being outside because it seems as though many people around the country are experiencing extreme cold.  Many schools here in PA are even closed because of the freezing temperatures!
One day last week, we got about 6 or 8 inches of fresh, beautiful snow and late that night Matt and I decided we could go for a little treat.  With nothing in the house, we decided to make some quick and easy snow ice cream!  Have you had it?  When WeThree were little girls we ate snow cream most winters.  We had this great book where the kids had the best and most fun snowy day and at the end were treated to creamy and delicious snow ice cream - and the best part about the book - they included a recipe!  I don't have that recipe but here is a simple and easy one that you could use and, you most likely have all the ingredients on hand!  Unless of course, you've been snowed in for a while.  :)  My suggestion, if you're tired of the snow - make the best of it and enjoy some ice cream.

Snow Ice Cream
- One large bowl of clean and fresh snow
- milk (I used whole because it was what I had on hand but you could most likely use whatever you have)
- white sugar
- vanilla extract
To be honest, I eye-balled all of this.  All you need to do is add enough milk to make the snow creamy, add enough sugar to make it sweet and vanilla to taste.  It will all depend on how much snow you use!  If you make it too sweet, you can always add more snow!  
If we get more snow this winter (fingers crossed) I will make a more exact recipe and update it here!   

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