Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a little bit of Christmas

I know that it's technically the new year, but might I remind you that it is actually still Christmas - until January 12th! So to answer your question, no I have not taken down my tree yet, and am just a little sad seeing all those limp pines lying all over the Carlisle roads, half covered in a mixture of snow, slush and straight up ice. I don't typically admit that I don't like a holiday (I relish in that sort of thing, you know) but new year's eve has never been my favorite, and somehow it seems to trump the end of the Christmas season. I always feel like I could use one extra week of Christmas - just a little time to relax and enjoy the quiet part of the season that is so often forgotten.

So before I rush to tell you about plans and resolutions and new beginnings (and yes, there are plans and resolutions and most definitely a new beginning), I thought it was necessary to show you a few quick glimpses of my lovely Christmas holiday.

{pretty excited for Santa Claus}

{a fun new book}

{Sommie opening at lightening speed!}

{annual ping pong tourny}

Smitten Kitchen's Brownie Roll Out Cookies

{pretty, but I'll be honest: right now I'd be happy if I never saw chocolate again}

{new coffee mug:)}

{good morning hair}

{irish}cream + coffee

{gingerbread dutch baby}

And now I'll let you get back to finding any means by which to stay warm! So far my car battery and our pipes have been casualties of this freezing cold. Stay warm!

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