Thursday, January 9, 2014

hey new year

I didn't talk much about it publicly, but the past year had some really high highs and some really low lows. I had been trying really hard for a long time to choose happiness, no matter what the situation was presenting, but as it always seems to happen - the situation became bigger than me, and a lot of tough choices, sleepless nights, anxiety-filled days and putting-on-a-happy-face ensued. It's funny, I sort of roll my eyes when I hear a line in a song that talks about tough situations revealing the truth, but I have found that to be overwhelmingly true. I feel like I know myself better now than I ever have before, understand my decision-making process a little more, and can more easily reflect on the changes I need to strive towards making.

So, when I think about  2014, of course there are the typical new year things that spring to mind: eating a little healthier and exercising more (I am such a cliche!), relaxing more, spending more time reading and less time on the computer, etcetera. When I think about making plans, I think about trips to Charlottesville and Maine, a possible zumba teaching certificate and my first color run. But mostly I think about a new beginning - a fresh start with every intention of maintaining happiness, gaining new perspective, moving foward and being aware of the past without having to constantly look back.

here's to a great year. 

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