Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lake Tobias

Last weekend, we traveled about an hour up the road to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park to check out the animals.  Sommer loves reading books at the zoo and all kinds of different animals so we thought she would enjoy spending an afternoon there.  There are several different aspects of Lake Tobias - the safari ride, the petting zoo, the reptile house and the zoo exhibits.  We were unable to do the safari ride but we thought that was probably for the best at this point since Sommer is so little.  We took advantage of the rest of the exhibits though and enjoyed most everything!
we decided that Matt probably enjoyed this place most of all.
Prairie dog
Cute donkey.  I thought his guys kinda looks like Donkey from Shrek :o)
It was so neat to see camels up close.  They are so tall!
I snapped this picture as I was running out of the petting zoo.
Lots of pretty birds.
Peacocks were running wild.
Baboon bottom.  I just had to get a picture of his bum...remember Rafiki from The Lion King?
The lions were pretty cool but it was a little scary having them just behind the glass.
Taking a ride on daddy's shoulders.

We couldn't get over how pretty zebras are.
swimming bears
Like daddy, like daughter
So close!
Animal cracker and juice snack.
BIG girl on the swings.
One thing I learned about myself on this trip...I do not like petting zoos where goats and sheep can come right up to you and jump on you.  I was a pretty big wimp when it came to the petting zoo. ;o)
If you are ever in the Harrisburg, PA area, definitely check out this great place!


  1. She is getting so big! Cute as ever! (I want a lil girl now! lol)

    1. Thanks, Megan! Little girls are soo fun :) You guys ready for another little one?! Your little guys are cuties too!

  2. I agree!!! LOVE those zebras!!! They are sooooooo neat! ;)