Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Day in Massachusetts

Literally, one day! Over the weekend Dani, Matt, Sommer and I (and my parents, but they drove separately) made the looong car drive up to Massachusetts for my cousin Bobby's wedding. I took the day off work Friday, and we drove from around 10 a.m. until around 7 p.m. Needless to say, it was a long day. On Saturday, we had a fun morning visiting some of our favorite spots in Millis (my dad's hometown) before getting ready and heading to Hingham and then Cohasset for the wedding and reception. And let me tell you, those coastal New England towns - they get me every time! The town commons, white-washed churches, adorable shops and tasty cafes are so inviting, and every time we go I wish we had more time to stick around and explore. Unfortunately this was a quick trip, but we had just enough time to have the best time at the wedding visiting with family we see far too seldom. Below are a few snapshots from our trip, if you'd like to see. :)

When we were little and on long car trips my dad used to make all our stuffed animals drive. 
This turned out to be a relatively effective way of keeping Sommer happy during the exceedingly long drive.

A happy moment.

On Saturday we decided to find a park so Sommer could stretch her teeny legs, and on our way to Millis we passed through Medway. Little did we know that they were holding a very big parade! We didn't have time to stick around, but saw a few of the floats and were amazed by the number of chairs lining the streets! This was clearly a very big deal.

The old house, as everyone seems to refer to it.
This house was in our family for ages, and though it no longer is, I can't help but want to drive by every time we visit. It's such a pretty New England home, and oh so many memories were made here.

Taking a little stroll to the playground in Millis.

We decided this must be the popular spot during recess!

Such a cute outer space themed playground.

The real indication that we were, in fact, in Massachusetts: Dunks cup with a Patriots logo.

Swinging high!

Pretty Millis church.

This was the beautiful Catholic church in Hingham.
I mean really, look at that ceiling! I couldn't get enough.

Lovely bride and groom with friends and family!


The reception site was right on this pretty water!
It was so beautiful, and absolutely the perfect warm, breezy, early fall day for a wedding.

In our family's typical style, the reception was a lot of good food and a lot of dancing. I held out for awhile, but when Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody came on, I couldn't sit any longer. Overall, a great event, a really fun time spent with family and a really happy couple! And well worth the 18+ hours in the car. ;) Until next time (and hopefully sonner rather than later!), MA!

I'll leave you with this video. It's been cracking me up all week.

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