Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A few weeks ago I posted about a great birthday present I had gotten for my dear friend: an engraved cereal spoon accompanied by cereal-lover accoutrements. Well, my birthday came to pass a couple of weeks ago and I think it's safe to say she may have one-upped me. Have you guys heard of Birchbox? I can only describe it as the product embodiment of a magazine subscription. Here's how it works: you pay $10 per month and receive a package in the mail filled with beauty/lifestyle/grooming samples from established and upcoming brands. It's a great way to try out new products that you might otherwise pass for fear that they'll sit, partially used, in your medicine cabinet for the next four years. And beyond that, it is, like, SO exciting to get in the mail!

See? Excitement!

Once you peel off the pretty pink sleeve, an adorable box is exposed.
This box excites me just as much as one of the products inside, let me tell you.

Inside the neatly tucked tissue paper you'll find the assortment of products that you received for the month. Once you make your first successful subscription order (or in my case, once you claim your gift), you have the opportunity to fill out a profile highlighting your likes/dislikes/skin & hair type, etc. 

The goods. 
This box definitely had a travel theme to it, which is fitting given the travel bug I seem to have lately. Here's what I received:

Whish Blueberry Shave Cream.
Coola Classic Sunscreen.
Color Club Professional Nail Lacquer in London Calling.

La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser.
Juicy Couture Couture La La perfume spray.

Birchbox custom travel postcards.

A reassuring note. :)

 I am super excited to receive my next two gifted summer subscriptions, and will definitely set up my own subscription come fall. And honestly, you should too! This was a really excellent find.

To find out more about Birchbox, visit their website page here or follow them on facebook here!

Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!

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