Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Furniture ReDo

Last fall I wrote a Project Preview about making over some of my furniture - in particular my office chair and desk.  Then we moved and my projects ended up on the back burner; partly because we had moved and partly because it was winter and cold and I didn't want to be painting furniture out in the cold.  The weekend before we moved back to our old house I decided it was time to finish at least part of my furniture so that everything looked good while we have our house staged to sell.

Last fall I primed this chair and it sat in our office at our apartment looking like this - ugly!

I wanted to go with a nice bright color for the chair.  I love pops of color in furniture - especially when the room is painted white!

I went with Jade by Krylon for the paint color.  I wasn't sure how much I liked it at first but now that it is all finished up I really like it!  You can pick the paint up at places like Walmart or Home Depot.

I also re-covered the seat but I don't have any pictures of my process, unfortunately.  It is really easy to do if you have a staple gun.  The fabric is navy and white and I think it looks really nice with the Jade paint.  

Here is our little office! 
What do you think of pops of color in furniture?  Would you use them in your home?

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  1. Looks great- nice job! I adore pops of color in a room. Good luck selling your home! Hope you get some offers soon!