Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  

Just stopping by to say hello and a huge THANK YOU to our men and women in uniform!  Know that your hard work, dedication, and willingness to serve does not go unnoticed and is appreciated today and every day.  

For my family, Memorial Day has always been a day filled with friends, family, fun, food, and of course, thankfulness to our troops, past and present.  My parents always threw a big party with hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, croquet matches, plastic pools full of grassy water, swinging on the backyard tree swings, and plenty of my dad's hilarious laughter ringing out over the crowd.  It was noisy, it was hot, it was delicious, it was fun! My parents are so blessed with an amazing group of friends, all with great kids that WeThree had the pleasure to grow up with.  So many of my fondest childhood memories included some or all of that group of people.  Remembering today all those who serve our country, and all the good times we've had over the years with the people we love.  

What are you up to today?  We're cleaning out the shed, finishing up some stuff in the yard, filling up the sandbox with fresh sand, and ending the day with a cookout with Will's dad, stepmom, and two brothers.  So thankful to the men and women out there protecting our freedom so we're able to have days like today.

Wishing you a safe, fun, and thoughtful holiday! 

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