Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Preview

Happy Thursday!  I am so glad there is only 1 more day until the weekend!!  Anyone with me on that?! 
Did you try the recipe Carrie posted yesterday?  I was lucky enough to get a taste when she made it and I agree that it was delicious!

Today I thought I'd show you some the projects that I have recently decided to take on.  I'm not sure why I have decided to start numerous projects at this particular time but it is what is it...

My first and biggest project is refinishing a desk and desk chair.  I decided to do this project when we made the decision to move.  I had a hard time coming to grips with moving and so in my sadness I decided that I would redo my bedroom decor as a way of cheering myself up and giving myself something to look forward to in our new place.  I also figured that since we will be moving into a much smaller place, our office would most likely end up in our (hopefully large) master bedroom.  I found these pillows on Pinterest and they became my inspiration for the room. 
Anyway, back to the project at hand.  I decided to paint our boring old desk in Benjamin Moore's Forget Me Not.  The chair will also be this color and the cushion I will be recovering in a navy and white fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric. I started priming the furniture on Saturday and remembered just how much I hate painting.  It is stinky and time consuming.  Here is what I have accomplished so far:

not much.

My second project is a knitted blanket for Sommer.  Do you remember the one Chelsey made for Annabel?  Well, I am a copycat and decided to make one for Sommer because Annabel's turned out so beautiful.  This project has been started (by Chelsey) and I'm hoping to really get going on it next week when I am visiting Chels in VA!

And lastly, I found this beautiful cowl on Pinterest (do I spend too much time on that site? Probably, yes).  I visited the yarn store this week and found this beautiful charcoal gray yarn:

Although in the pattern it says it is a one night project, that was not the case for me.  I think I'll have it finished by next week though.  There's something wonderful about knitting on a cool, crisp evening.
Have you started any fun, new projects lately? 

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