Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Oh Smoothies...
I have to admit that I currently have a mild obsession with them.  And, honestly, I think I have had a mild obsession with them off and on since about 2005.  Back in the summer/fall of 2005 I was living in California and it was there that I first experienced Jamba Juice.  Your first time there is really a life-changing moment.  So many smoothie options with just as many healthy add-ins...its amazing.  When I moved back to the east coast (where the only Jamba Juice I know of exists in NYC) my little addiction to the smoothie waned a bit.  But, a few years ago, Matt and I were volunteering with the youth group at our church and that first year of ministry we served the most delicious smoothies, milkshakes, and mochas.  My smoothie obsession returned and I probably had one every Sunday night for about 8 months.  The following fall my friend Jenn, who shares my love of Jamba Juice, asked me to go on a bus trip to NYC with her and of course we visited Jamba Juice twice (or was it 3 times?) in those 8 or 10 hours that we had to walk around the city. 
Since then I have had the occasional smoothie here or there but I was mostly over my obsession...that is until the weekend that we went to the beach for Easter.  Chels and I were out with our girls and we decided that we needed to stop at Tropical Smoothie as she had recently tried and loved their Green Smoothie.  Little did I know that drinking that little green smoothie would bring back my smoothie obsession and leave me dreaming of those delicious smoothies for weeks to come. We visited VA again this past weekend but didn't make a stop at Tropical Smoothie although I was thinking about it for most of the weekend.  We ate too many other delicious things to warrant a trip to TS.  
The unfortunate part of my love for smoothies is that where we live in PA there are no great smoothie places.  Or maybe this is fortunate because I'm sure I'd be spending far too much of my money & my time at the smoothie place.  

Anyway, in an effort to:
1. Satisfy my inner smoothie lover,
2. Eat healthier &
3. Sneak more veggies into my little girls diet 
I have decided to try out a few different smoothies on my own.  In the past I haven't had a ton of luck making smoothies.  I want them to be super smooth and I especially hate when I am chewing seeds from berries but I am determined to perfect the smoothie. 
This week I tried my best to make a similar smoothie to Tropical Smoothie's Green Smoothie minus the mango.  
Here is what you'll need:
~1/2 cup pineapple juice

1/2 cup spinach
1/2 cup kale
~1/2 cup pineapple chunks
1 frozen banana
fruits & veggies
Dump everything into your blender...

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  1. nice! you should get your dad to sell them! :D