Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smoothies Round 2!

Good Tuesday Morning!
I hope your week is going well. :)

Today I am bringing you another smoothie recipe.  I got away from the green smoothies this past week and experimented with a few other things.  This is actually pretty similar - I used what I had on hand!  But, its better for those people who don't like the thought of drinking their greens (my husband included. ;o))  You can sneak the greens into this smoothie if you add enough strawberries to make it pink though.

Here's what you'll need:
5 or 6 (or more) big strawberries
1 frozen banana
a handful of spinach
pineapple and juice (as much as you like)
optional: 3oz or so of strawberry banana yogurt
I made this smoothie twice.  The first time I used the yogurt and less strawberries.  The smoothie tasted great but the color was very unappealing.  When I made it the second time; I added quite a few more berries and left the yogurt out.  It was a little prettier in color this time and still tasted great!


The best thing about these smoothies?  My 16 month old loves them.  I make myself one for lunch everyday and usually only get about half because she is begging me for more.  :)  She can be kinda picky about what she eats so I am so happy to give her smoothies that are full of fruits and veggies!

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