Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

Good morning!  I won the lottery!  

April Fool's!  :)  (Yes, that was a terrible attempt at an April Fool's joke.  Ah, well.)

How was your Easter weekend?  Will was able to take Sunday off so we headed to the Outer Banks for a long weekend.  Although we were afraid that the weather wasn't going to cooperate, we ended up having two sunny and pretty warm days to enjoy the beach, play at the playground, sit on the deck, soak in the hot tub, walk on the boardwalk and eat some ice cream.  Wish we could stay a few more days, but I'm looking forward to spending the entire week with my favorite boy since he's on spring break.  Hope you had a wonderful Easter!  Here are a few photos from our weekend (all from Instagram, of course), if you'd like to see.

P.s.  One more Trail Tales post coming next week!

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