Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Theme Week: Easter

Good Morning!

Today I'm bringing you one way to dye your Easter Eggs.  I found the idea on Pinterest - of course :o) - and was excited to try this with Carrie over the weekend.  We had a little help from Sommie, my mom and Gramma which we were happy to have.  The idea I found was to use Kool Aid to dye the eggs.  Unfortunately, I was only able to find red and purple.  The process for using Kool Aid is pretty simple.  Mix the Kool Aid with 2 tablespoons of water until it is dissolved.  Then add a half cup of water to that.  From the pictures I have seen on Pinterest, I was expecting my eggs to come out super vibrant and beautiful.  I was rather disappointed with my colors.  (I did read, though, that you should use two packets per 1/2 cup of water.  This probably would have helped to make the color turn out more vibrant.  I didn't realize this until after we had been to the store.)  The red did come out pretty nicely although it was a little on the orange side.  However, the purple ended up being more of a grey color...we decided it was our dinosaur egg in the bunch. Here are a couple pictures...

little helper
Have you dyed Easter Eggs yet this year?  I think we will be doing a few more this weekend with Matt while he is off work.  His family has multiple Easter traditions that he would like to carry on even though we will not be celebrating with them this year and one of them is to paint Easter Eggs with food coloring and Q-tips.  Let us know what your Easter traditions are - if you have any!!

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