Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Theme Week: Valentine's Day

DIY Heart Manicure <3

A couple of weeks back I outlined some of my favorite heart trends circling the web, and though I'm not quite talented enough to re-create the adorable manicure featured in that post, I did try my hand at a simpler version.

Here I started with two coats of a neutral base (Essie's Chinchilly, first seen here), followed by a quick brush of clear top-coat. Then, I tried in vain to paint little white hearts onto my ring fingers. I failed. So, I re-painted my ring fingers with Chinchilly and this time cheated by adhering teeny-tiny heart stickers to my nails, finishing with two extra coats of clear polish. 

Cute, no?
After doing two fingers, I was somewhat tempted to go full-out and sticker every nail, but I refrained. I feel like the rule for clothing "take one thing off before you leave the house" sort of applies here. Plus, I definitely like my Valentine's Day in moderation. :)

Have a lovely day! xo

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