Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roasted Pear and Dark Chocolate Scones

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about myself in the past twenty-odd years, it’s that I tend to fixate on things. It can be anything, really – getting an A in a class, a type of food, a TV series or movie, making sure my work is perfect or even an article of clothing. As with most personality traits, this one can be viewed as both beneficial and harmful. It’s something good to talk about in a job interview – it can be spun as both a strength and a weakness.

A couple of years back I fixated on scones. Do you like scones? In case you’re unaware, the actual definition of scone is as follows: “a small unsweetened or lightly sweetened biscuit-like cake.” I think the thing that felt so great about scones at the time was their versatility. I made them with cheddar and dill, with strawberries, with a really huge amount of cream of tartar (“Lily’s Scones”), with maple and oatmeal, with cranberry and orange, and finally, with cheddar and apple. See? Fixation.

After a while I stopped making them so much, instead opting to whip them out only for special occasions. And though this past Saturday wasn’t particularly special, for some reason I remembered reading and making a mental note about these dark chocolate & pear scones as I made my weekly grocery list. 

These are really delicious scones, perhaps second only to the cheddar and apple variety they are modeled after. Unlike some of the other recipes I’ve followed, these ones get really crusty on the outside, but remain soft and chock full of goodness on the inside. I'm going to send you over to smitten kitchen for the recipe, but I am also going to offer a disclaimer: do not be afraid of scone dough! If your personality is anthing like mine, you will read the part about not over-mixing, get scared, and instead under-mix. It's okay to let the dough come together. Other than that, the recipe is very easy to follow and even more easy to eat. :)

Enjoy your Wednesday! xo

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