Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Theme Week: Homemade

When it comes to making homemade decorations, I tend to like the looks of natural things turned slightly unnatural: spray painted pumpkins, gourds turned into monster feet and in this case, acorns made Christmas-y with the addition of glitter. I know that acorns don’t actually fall from pine trees, but they certainly look at home, dressed up slightly, on those spiky green branches. I think I might actually prefer the looks of these to traditional Christmas balls.

These are a cinch to make. Simply find yourself some acorns (with lids) and either paint with glue and sprinkle with glitter OR combine both steps into one by purchasing Martha Stewart’s glitter paint. (I went with the latter). Tie or glue on a string-loop, and you’ve got yourself some adorable ornaments to spruce up your tree, office space, mantle or any other place you’d like to decorate. :)

And because I can't seem to leave good enough alone, I also decided to spruce up some pine cones I had hanging around. These little guys look cute hanging on a tree, but I sort of prefer them sitting on my coffee table. They're quirky like real Christmas trees and add just the right pop of slightly garish charm to any space. I don't think you need directions, but in case you're having a long week: paint your pine cone a selected color of green (I say the brighter the better), and add touches of glitter here and there. Paint a plain mini-puff with gold glitter paint and glue to the very top. If you're making this into an ornament, attach a string loop.

Pine Cone Tree Cluster
One tip I will give you is to collect your acorns during the fall months, because boy was it tough finding good ones in December. Alternatively, you could visit this site because it looks like you can purchase just about any type of acorn you would like, in bulk. Yay. :)

Finally - I know that both of my sisters have mentioned last Friday's tragedy in their own separate posts, but I do feel the need to express how incredibly heartbreaking this entire situation is. My thoughts and prayers are constantly with anyone touched by this horrific event. I wanted to share the tribute the The Voice gave on Monday night, because I found it so moving. You can watch the song here.


Enjoy your Wednesday :) Three days to go...

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