Thursday, December 20, 2012

Theme Week: Homemade

I have found over the years that I love having homemade things to adorn my house around Christmas time.  I think it really makes everything more homey and less glitzy.  I prefer burlap and pine over shiny and glittery...most of the time.  Here are a few of the homemade things around our little apartment this year...and they are not all made by me.

Homemade Christmas card garland
I love displaying my Christmas cards every year but this year we just don't have the room to put them out on a table.  I thought this garland would be a nice way to display them and also make an unused doorway look pretty and festive.

Easy to make wreath
Wreaths are so easy and the perfect touch of Christmas cheer when dressed up with a sparkly bow!  A wreath on my door is a must-have year round.

Homemade Advent calendar
This is one of my favorite homemade items.  My mom, aunts and grandmother made myself, my sisters and all my cousins one of these a few years ago.  Each of our families had one while we were growing up and they passed on the tradition.

Christmas cookies!
Of course, homemade Christmas cookies are a staple for the next couple weeks.  I spent yesterday afternoon baking with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, Matt's gram and cousin and Sommer!  It was a fun afternoon - and now I've got a tin full of cookies to enjoy over the next week.  

Do you have any special homemade items that you pull out each year?

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