Monday, August 22, 2016

this girl

Since our birthdays are exactly one month apart, Annabel and I decided to start a new tradition this summer that we've named, "Birthday Girls Day Out." For our first celebration we decided on cupcakes from Pearl's and then a pedicure. We had such a great time together but my favorite part of the afternoon came on the way home. We got in the car after eating giant cupcakes and getting polka dots and sparkles (I just got plain red but Annabel was much more adventurous) and started heading toward home when she suddenly said,"Mama, I am going to steal the ball from those footballers. Girls can play any sport they want and I am gonna play football. Do you like my polka dots?"

Oh this girl. She's the perfect mix of girlie and tomboy. I love how she refuses to wear anything besides a skirt or a dress and then wants to ride her two-wheeler as fast as she can down the street. I love that she wants to twirl around in a tutu and then play cars and legos with her brother. I love that she wants her nails painted with sparkles and polka dots and then declares that she's going to play football. How fortunate I am to get to watch her grow into the amazing person she's becoming.

We had so much fun on our first annual Birthday Girls Day Out and I'm already looking forward to next year. Happy five to my beautiful girl!

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