Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1

I don't know about you but our summer seems to be flying by. I can hardly believe that today is already the 1st day of August. We suddenly seem to be staring September and the first day of school right in the face, which I can assure you, is the LAST thing Tommy wants to see in his near future. Lucky for us, we have another whole month to soak up the lazy days of summer, including a few days at the lake and a whole week visiting our sweet new nephew and cousin, Asher Matthew! We're so excited!

Today, on this first day of August, the kids and I set out to get a jump on the back-to-school shopping so that it doesn't come down to the wire at the end of the month. In case you were wondering, this is what it takes to send a kid to 4th grade and Kindergarten:

Pictured above is exactly 3 pencil cases, 1 package of paper plates, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 1 box of baby wipes, 3 boxes of assorted ziploc bag sizes, 4 packs of dry erase markers, 1 three-ring binder, 2 boxes of markers, 1 box of colored pencils, 1 package of paints, 2 red pens, 3 boxes of erasers, 2 highlighters, 5 boxes of crayons, 6 sharpie markers, 1 package of index cards, 6 pocket folders, 7 composition notebooks, 2 one-subject notebooks, 3 packs of wide-ruled paper, 3 containers of chlorox wipes, 30 glue sticks, 2 bottles of glue, 3 pairs of scissors, 1 lunch box and two water bottles.

One hour and $150 later, we headed home from Target with our haul. It really makes me wonder how everyone can afford all of this stuff.

I managed to fit it all neatly into a few grocery bags and have them lined up behind the couch in the livingroom. Although I'm glad to have that chore out of the way, I plan on moving the bags to the closet for the next month so we don't have to be reminded every single day that school is coming. Though admittedly, I am looking forward to some cooler temperatures!

Happy August 1st to you! Hope your last month of summer is off to a great start!

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