Friday, June 10, 2016

life lately + the ultimate easy dinner

The month of June has kicked off an incredibly busy summer. And though I'm excited for all that is to come (vacation in South Carolina, my 30th birthday, Robert's 40th birthday, a Beyonce concert, another Oriole's game, a NEW BABY! (Dani's, not mine) and a couple of weddings for good measure) if I'm being honest and probably a little selfish, right now I'm somewhere past tired and could probably use a solid forty-eight hours of zero human contact to recharge. This past weekend I was in Texas for work, and the weekend before that we were able to spend some quality time with friends and family. Below are a few photos from the last two weeks and a dinner recipe for those times you're busy and need to cook dinner but seriously just can't. It's my best go-to.

[Flying is not my favorite thing to do; however, I faced my fear a few times during calm air to Houston and opened up the shutter to snap a few pictures. How beautiful are those clouds? And how amazing is it that you can travel thousands of feet in the air?! And why am I still amazed by this in 2016?]

[Airplane reading. I typically really like Emily Giffin's books, but I am not sure if I love this book or hate this book. Dating your best friend's dad after her mom has passed away? I'm just not so sure. Regardless, it's been a quick and relatively painless read and kept my mind occupied on the plane so that I wasn't constantly obsessed with falling out of the sky.]

[The Houston skyline]

[Hands down the best part of this trip (outside of working, of course ;]) was being able to see Jerry Seinfeld perform an hour of comedy live -- a perk of attending a conference where he was a key-note speaker. I think my favorite skit was the one where he explained how sucks and great are basically the same thing. So true. I laughed like a crazy person for the full sixty minutes.]

[The weekend before Texas, Dani, Sommer, my mom, gramma and I met up at Cafe 101 in Boiling Springs for breakfast and feeding the ducks. You guys, this place has the best baked oatmeal in the world. It's so good. But if you don't get the oatmeal, I'd copy Sommie and go with chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and chocolate milk.]

[Feeding the ducks. And then, out of nowhere, feeding a rat. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. We departed pretty quickly when ratatouille starting gallivanting towards us.]

[We brought out the vintage American Girl Dolls for Sommer to play with, but somehow, I think Dani and I had more fun. We dressed them all in their original outfits.]


[On Memorial Day, Robert and I went down to Baltimore with friends for the Orioles vs. Red Sox Game. I took some flak for wearing Orioles gear to this game, but I made up for it (I think?) for cheering on Big Papi when he was up to bat. And then he hit a grand slam and I felt guilty. I'm caught between two worlds.]

[Having fun and getting incredibly sun burned, all at once.]

So here is the ultimate easy dinner for when you're super busy: huevos rancheros. I looked up the definition of this dish because I was pretty sure my version was not authentic at all, but it's actually pretty close. Here's what you do:

-Start frying one egg.
-When you flip the egg over, immediately top it with your favorite salsa and some crumbled feta cheese. Put your plate over the frying pan to trap the heat and make the cheese melty.
-Meanwhile, heat one tortilla in the microwave for fifteen seconds.
-Put the tortilla on a plate, top with the egg/salsa/feta and sprinkle on a little parsley.
-Eat with turkey sausage or avocado (my preference, but not pictured here).

Have a great weekend!

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