Friday, April 8, 2016

Open Shelving

We had this big open space in our kitchen above cabinets/counter space and ever since we moved in I have wanted to add some open shelving.  I love the look of open shelving and was dreaming of how I would style mine after getting tons of inspiration from the one and only Pinterest.  Matt and I are always a little hesitant to take on home projects in fear of totally messing something up but one Saturday morning, several weeks ago, I woke up determined to get this job done...and we did! 

We picked up all of our materials at Home Depot - brackets, bronze spray paint for the brackets, wood and stain.  It was a gorgeous day so Matt was able to do most of the staining and spray painting outside.

After letting the stain dry for a day or so, we got to hanging it up and it is perfect!  Just what I was hoping for and a great addition of space and storage for our small kitchen.  

We currently have several more items up there on the shelf but I am always working on making it pretty and practical.

I'm looking forward to doing more projects around the house with Matt, especially as the weather gets nice.  On our list for this spring are fixing up our floors, a small patio garden, making a sandbox, water table and swing for the backyard, converting Sommer's room into a shared bedroom and fixing up our deck a bit.
Do you have any home projects lined up?

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