Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Flowers

One of my favorite things about moving into our new house has been watching what each new season brings.  Spring has been my favorite so far because watching the flowers pop up in the backyard has brought so much joy for all of us.  My little gardener, Sommer, loves running out back everyday to see if anything new has come up and if indeed we have some new blooms, she is sure to show up at the back door with a handful to display inside.
xo Dana

When we woke up this morning, spring had been replaced with winter and her balmy 27 degree temperatures. Good thing I covered up all of my outdoor babies last night. Don't want to lose the potatoes and onions and new perennials! That bud in the photo is just about to open up but I hope it will wait until the warm returns, hopefully early next week. While I wait for my outdoor flowers, I am happily enjoying a big bunch of tulips inside that I picked up at the grocery store on monday. Happy Spring (?!)!

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