Friday, February 19, 2016

a valentine's day date + some jollifiers

Did you have a great Valentine's Day? Although it always seems like a bit of a cliche to go out for this holiday, Robert and I took an Uber to his favorite restaurant in downtown Harrisburg, Cafe Fresco, for drinks and dinner. I ate one hundred percent too much but we had a great time hanging out and watching The University of Maryland suffer a heartbreaking loss to Wisconsin. A few photos from our date below...

[a selfie before braving the tundra]

[sushi for one appetizer]

[Robert ordered surf and turf and loved it.]

[I ordered scallops and loved the red beet risotto
 and dressed arugula more than the scallops themselves.]

[And even though we didn't need it, we both ordered dessert. I was apparently too 
enamored with my Creme Brulee to take a picture of Robert's Lava Cake.]

[the only drink there is.]

And because it's been kind of a weird, long week, I thought I would go ahead and post a few of the things that made me happy ("jollifiers," if you will) over the past few days...

[This Instagram post, which is so true (reference all food, above).]

[Checking out the gym in our new neighborhood in this cheesy hat.]

[This photo of my niece taking selfies. A legitimate LOL.]

[A video of a group of puppies running towards the camera.
I watched this an embarrassing number of times.]

Have a great weekend!

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