Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Ms. Trimmer, Mr. Schott, Miss Brooke, Yankee magazine, Sunset magazine, Taproot, warm bed, old quilts, hand-me-down clothes, coffee dates, clean water, Good Foods, the Bible, hot showers, hair gel, Aveeno lotion, toothpaste, cinnamon gum, footie pajamas, Hallmark movies, popcorn, hot chocolate, date nights, Four Seasons, picnic tables, tents, sleeping bags, ping pong tables, ocean waves, Hakuna Matata, Duck NC, cousins, babies, Robert Frost poems, Barbara Kingsolver books, avocados

Today I am thankful for my very best friends, Brigid & Mary, Boosk & Dino, Is-so & As-so. They've made life better for years. :) xoCarrie

Today I am extra thankful for my 2 sisters.  These two are my besties forever and I am incredibly blessed by their love, support and friendship.  I am so thankful for days when we are able to catch up in person and can't wait until I see them again.  
<3 Dana

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