Friday, November 20, 2015

Simple Things

I will be the first one to admit that work has left me feeling a little...stressed as of late. And while I absolutely LOVE this time of year, I have to say that the lack of sunlight (& fresh air) hasn't been helping the situation. I go through this every year, in some capacity, and so I know that I can do some things to help remedy the situation -- adding a little more meditation to my days, ensuring I make it to zumba and yoga, and taking a flax seed supplement, to name a few. But I also know that mindset plays a huge role in how I feel on a day-to-day basis, and so I've been making a conscious effort to notice the simple things that enrich even the worst of days. Below are a few moments I captured, if you'd like to see!

[a Saturday morning cup of coffee, made more beautiful by Instagram]

[a Saturday morning puff pancake, that needs no beautification]

[a subtle reminder from my favorite blogger that you can't be everything to everyone 
-- it made me laugh]

[a dinner out with my favorite guy...<3]

[....& my very best friend]

[the beautiful soundtrack to this movie (the best way to drown out noisy work neighbors)]

[the red cup. say what you will, but I love it, especially when it's filled with vanilla latte]

[a stunningly beautiful fall evening]

[a one-year-old's birthday party]

[an epic cheese plate]

[hot buttered rum from Home 231]

[a weeknight dinner featuring the fall food group of butternut squash]

Have the best weekend. :) xoCarrie

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