Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Signature Sommer Style

It seems as though we have a budding fashionista in our house and I could not be more excited to see how it takes off.  For a while now,  I have not been able to pick out clothes for Sommer.  She is very particular about what she wears and loves to put together pieces that surprise me.  I used to get frustrated with the amount of time, thought and effort it took to get her dressed in the morning but now we take the time the night before (if we have to be up and out the door) or I just enjoy watching her little style mind at work.  My hope is that she will always have the confidence to display her beautiful personality through her unique style! <3

- Trip to the park & acorn hunt - 
she loves kitty cats these days...I'm blaming you Aunt T!

 - Trip to Target - 
Had to make a quick stop to try on fuzzy vests and headbands.
 - Beautiful afternoon riding bikes -

 - After a visit to the consignment shop -

 - I think this is her new favorite pose - 

 - fall pictures -
I wish this outfit came in my size!!

 - I really fought her on her outfit for the pumpkin patch because it was chilly and I knew we would be taking a hayride but she absolutely HAD to wear the tutu. It was cute but she got pricked by lots of hay. -

 - this is our process everyday -- what a mess! -

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