Tuesday, October 13, 2015

whirlwind weekend

This past weekend feels like a blur.  We had two packed days so I basically treated yesterday as a Saturday and it felt so good.  Sommer and I stayed in our jammies until about lunch time.  We lazed around, played, cleaned, made soup and had friends over for dinner and to play until bedtime.  It was lovely.  I think I want every Monday to be so glorious!  
Here are a few photos from our whirlwind weekend, if you'd like to see...

 {first BounceU birthday party -- tons of fun!}

{I know this picture is super fuzzy but I just love the joy on their faces!  Love watching them play & have so much fun together!}

{Saturday night, family birthday party for Chloe.  They always have glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets and we always have too much fun with them!}

 {Church picnic on Sunday.  Sommer never naps but of course fell asleep on the way to the farm & then slept for about 45 minutes after we arrived! I will never pass up an opportunity to hold & sunggle with this little one.}

 {We love our church & our church family and are so grateful for opportunities like this to gather together.}

 {Keeping warm by the fire with her cupcake and her friends.}
 {I'll fly away...}

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