Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Favorite Recent Purchase

[A few weeks ago Robert and I went down to College Park for the Maryland vs. West Florida football game. And though football will definitely never be my favorite sport, I 100% enjoyed buying this yellow Maryland t-shirt to wear pretty much 24/7.]

I picked up this wonderful planner at Target about a month ago when it felt like life was getting a little crazy.  It has been so helpful in keeping me organized and feeling sane. :)

You knew one of us would post food, right? I've been searching high and low for a store-bought cracker that fits with my new eating plan. I picked these up the other day and they are by far the best I've tried. Good with guacamole, hummus, dipped in soup, or just plain. Happy Wednesday! See you back here on Friday.

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