Tuesday, October 20, 2015

fall favorites

For the past several years, I have been trying/wanting to pare down my closet and create somewhat of a capsule wardrobe.  Have you heard of this concept?  It seems to be all over the place now and the timing of all these new articles and blog posts could not be more perfect for me. 
We love our new house but one of the downfalls is the lack of closet space.  We overlooked the closets in favor of an almost perfect location, a huge deck, quiet backyard and lots of character.  When we moved in a few weeks ago and I began unpacking, I realized that there was no better time than right now to start really focusing on what is in my closet. 

After having half of my wardrobe packed away in a storage unit for about 5 months, I was easily able to go through all my clothes and decide what to get rid of, what to keep and what I wanted to add.  I have a bag to donate but also recently came across the consignment website ThredUp and decided to give it a try.  Have you visited ThredUp yet? Once you get signed up, you can order a CleanOut bag. Take a look at what brands they accept, go through your closet and fill up your bag with clothes in great condition that you just don't wear anymore.  When you send it back (shipping is on ThredUp!!), they will go through your clothes and give you credit to shop or pay you through paypal! Here's the other awesome thing, if you sign up through this link we'll both get $20 credit to use however we want on the site!

And, in case you are interested, here are a few of my favorite staples for fall...

I was gifted the chambray shirt by Carrie last year and it is one of my favorite, favorite pieces of clothing.  I wear it all year long and it is perfect to wear with big necklaces, unbuttoned over a simple tee or buttoned up with a pair of black jeans.
I picked this flannel up at Old Navy a couple weeks ago and have already gotten a ton of wear out of it.  I love the classic fit (I personally can not get on board with all the "boyfriend" fit clothing that seems so popular right now) and the color.  This shirt has been the perfect layering piece since the temps started dropping here in Eastern PA this week.
My black&white striped long sleeve tee, long sleeve grey tee and white v-neck tee have been the perfect "underneath" layer for these two tops.
I'm planning to snatch up a new pair of J.Crew or Madewell jeans from ThredUp to finish out my fall closet. 

I'm also dreaming of having these Bean Boots in my closet one day - and hopefully soon. ;-)

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