Friday, September 11, 2015

into the woods

About a month ago, we had a little get-a-way weekend to the beautiful Pocono Mountains.  We spent a few days in a little cabin in the woods and spent our time fishing, hiking , building fires and relaxing.  It was glorious.  We had so much fun enjoying the serene quiet by the lake and taking in the gorgeous views.  I went a little overboard with the pictures here but Promised Land was so beautiful, I just had to share!

 {Sommer started fishing at the beach this year and practiced her technique all summer long.}


 {We went pretty rustic with our dinners because, well, we were in the woods.  We spent quite a while getting our fire started but it was so worth it to have fire charred hot dogs for dinner.}

 {my favorite spot}

{I'm pretty sure we ate too many s'mores.  I can never help but eat at least 3}
 {I could not believe how quiet it was on the lake in the evenings. I can't remember the last time we sat in such stillness and quiet.  It was a welcome change.}

 {On our way home from our evening fishing, we came across this black bear wandering through our 'hood!  I must admit I was scared to get out of the car after seeing this thing so close to our cabin.}

{I just loved watching these two together in the great outdoors.  Sommer loves her daddy so very much!}
{After early morning fishing on Friday, we grabbed some coffee and went on a little road trip the old fashioned way.  So fun to get a map out and explore.}
{Walking along Lake Wallenpaupack, Sommer made a wild flower bouquet to bring home with us.  Cutest face ever if I do say so myself!}

 {I would happily have coffee by a fire every morning the rest of my life if I could.}

{Cutest little hot cocoa mug for our girl}
{can't wait to visit again!}

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  1. So pretty! What a great trip (um, the bear would have scared me too!)