Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Beauty in the Details

Sunflowers are by far my favorite flower and although I usually prefer the straight yellow ones, I'm loving the subtle shading and details in this two-toned variety. So beautiful, don't you think? Hope you're having a great week!

Robert and I spent Saturday night sitting outside at a local Italian restaurant (Piatto) eating bruschetta and pasta, having drinks and listening to the subtle music playing over the speakers. It was the best way to spend the evening and I couldn't help but notice that the details, like these little lights, made all the difference. xoCarrie

One of my favorite things about Carrie and Robert's wedding were the tiny details that they made sure to pay attention to.  Gold plated utensils and gold balloons in the windows added so much to an already beautiful venue and really brought everything together!

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