Friday, August 28, 2015


Well, it is the end of August and I can hardly believe it.  We here at wethree have all been anticipating the end of August for about, oh, a year now (wedding, anyone!) and well, it was basically the best ever.  THE. BEST.  I'm sure there will be more on that soon so for now, I will share some of what we were up to before the big day.

 My little decided all of a sudden that she is BIG.  She has been determined to conquer these monkey bars and just last night showed me how she can jump off the top of the little slide in the yard and how she can go up the little slide with no hands.  She is growing up so fast these days, it is crazy!

 We celebrated Matt's dad's birthday earlier in the month with hot dogs and cake at the park!

 A couple weeks ago we had a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days in the woods in the Pocono Mountains.  We fished, built fires, ate s'mores and just enjoyed our time together.  Full post on that coming soon!

 We recently got CandyLand and Sommer loves it!  I am mourning the original board and characters.

 One last fair of the summer.  

And I just can't help but share a few pictures from the wedding...


One perfect day!

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