Monday, August 31, 2015

a barrel of laughs

Usually for us, date night means dinner alone and whatever Superhero/action/comedy/chick flick is playing at the theater at the moment.  But last night, thanks to our small group from church, we changed things up a little bit and met our friends for dinner and then went to a comedy show. We saw Tim Hawkins and John Crist and they were hilarious. If laughter is the best medicine, we definitely got a good dose of it last night. And the best part? It was clean comedy. I like a good joke as much as the next person, but I'm not a fan of listening to the f-bomb every 3 seconds which seems to be the norm with a lot of comedians. We had a great time and will be looking for more opportunities to check out shows in our area.

Check out YouTube for videos of Tim Hawkins and John Crist and check them out if they come to your city. 

In other news, if you can believe it, we still have one last week of summer before school starts on September 8. I'm hoping to take advantage of it by finding a perfect balance between fun activities (swimming/putt-putt/river-rapid riding/ice cream) and staying home. We don't have any plans for Labor Day weekend besides grilling in the driveway so we'll have plenty of time to get the backpacks and lunch boxes ready to roll on Tuesday morning. 

After a fun but somewhat emotionally taxing summer, I've been trying to get a few things checked off of my summer to-do list that, until now, has largely been ignored. So far I've gotten a new homework area ready for Tommy, cleaned out the pantry and another downstairs closet, cleaned out the kids dresser drawers, mulched a new perennial bed in the yard, and painted a new chalkboard wall in our mud room where we can keep a calendar and weekly menu right where everyone can see it. 

Looking forward to our last week of freedom before the schedules start again! But also, kinda looking forward to the schedules, too. Cheers to summer!

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