Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Currently Reading

[I've been pretty busy as of late, so while I haven't been taking the time to read any books (except for the occasional chapter of Harry Potter, when I need a mental vacay), I have been obsessed with Savory, the new magazine put out by GIANT. And while I know I'm jaded (it's my place of work, after all), I can't say enough how much I recommend it! I made some chicken & mango herb wraps from a recipe in the most recent version, and they're delicious. Happy reading (&cooking)!]

 I read this funny and highly entertaining book a few years ago but couldn't resist picking it back up again in anticipation of the movie coming out in September. Will and I are already making plans to see it! Have you read any of Bill Bryson's books? Hope you're having a great week. See you back here on Friday!

I've been trying to read this book since we went to the beach back in June but not having much luck getting through it.  It is a good read but this summer, I have been struggling to get through anything I pick up.  
What have you been reading lately?  We are always looking for great suggestions!

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