Monday, August 3, 2015

boys and girls

Last Sunday, I sent my big eight-year-old boy off to his first-ever week of summer camp! But not just any summer camp - one that was many miles and several states away from home. Good friends of ours run Bethany Birches Camp up in Plymouth, Vermont and that's where Tommy was headed. All four of us had planned to go, with Annabel and I only staying for a few days and then heading out on a little adventure of our own while the boys stayed put. But I wasn't really up for a bunch of traveling so instead, the boys headed up on their own while the girls stayed in PA at my parent's house for the week. Dani and Sommer came down to hang out and the girls loved spending time together.

Tommy loved his week at camp and was able to do all kinds of cool stuff. They cooked their meals over the fire, played a game called Gaga that's sort of like dodgeball, swam and kayaked in the pond, made s'mores, ate ice cream out of a pig trough, sang songs and just had a ton of fun.

Annabel and Sommer also enjoyed their time together playing in the backyard, eating ice cream cones, swimming in the pool, spending time with GG, swinging on the swing, and taking a little horseback ride on Pa.

Once the boys got back from their week away, we spent one more day all together enjoying my parent's perfect backyard. Tommy got to do another one of his favorite things - cut the grass! Like mother like son, I guess!

It's always tough to say goodbye, but this time we did so knowing that we'll be seeing each other again in just three short weeks when we head back up for Carrie and Robert's wedding! Thanks, family and Bethany Birches, for a great week!

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