Friday, July 24, 2015

up the creek without a paddle

Last Sunday, Matt and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.  We had been discussing the whole week before what we wanted to do that day but just could not decide.  On Sunday morning, we went to church and at the recommendation of some friends, went out to a modern Mexican place for lunch.  It was really hot but (as Matt remembers) probably not as hot as our wedding day so we knew we needed to do something to keep cool.  Matt was pretty adamant about tubing down the creek - one that streams right past his parents house and down to the Delaware River.  I was extremely apprehensive about doing this but after much convincing I found myself at Target picking out a new tube. 

Matt's mom dropped us off a little ways up the road from their house and we trampled through some woods looking for sticks to use as paddles.  I was the biggest baby and basically freaked out for the first half of the trip.  I put on my happy face for most of the pictures...haha.  Luckily for me, we didn't run into any snakes or muscrats and we both made it out alive.  And, we had the best time, floating, chatting, and laughing.  This was probably our most memorable anniversary yet!  Here are a few pictures and a video of Matt riding some rapids, if you'd like to see.  

 {My tube & paddle that got me down the creek}

 {Perfect day for a float!}
 {By this point we were having tons of fun!}

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