Friday, July 10, 2015

a visit to crayola

We are very excited and lucky to have the Crayola Experience right in the heart of downtown Easton.  A few weeks ago we visited for the first time and had so much fun!  We could have spent a ton more time if we didn't have other commitments but I'm sure we will head back there sooner than later for another day of fun.

 As you can see in these pictures, Sommer was extremely excited.  She also loves spending time with all of her cousins!

 We colored pictures on an Ipad and watched them come to life on the screen. 
 crayon history


 There were a bunch of activities that involved melting crayons - melting them into shapes, painting with melted crayon and melting them down into the spiral art projects.  In addition to that, there was a big model magic station, two playgrounds, multiple art projects, a big water table, and some computerized stuff.  You can also make your own crayon label and dance with computerized crayons.

If you have kids, this is definitely a place to visit - and bonus, you can come see us too!

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