Friday, June 12, 2015

Sitting Outside

I'm not entirely sure when it happened, but lately I've been obsessed with just....sitting outside. On Saturday mornings I like to get up at the crack of dawn and take coffee and a blanket outside to start my weekend. On Sunday nights I like to pour a small glass of wine, turn on the twinkly lights and mentally prepare myself for the long week ahead. And on weeknights, I like to take sleepy time tea and my iPad out there, read a book and wind down for the evening. 

For a good part of the spring season, I was sitting on one of those collapsible fabric chairs and propping up my feet on an old shower stool Robert has in the closet from when he broke his ankle a few years ago. But ultimately, I decided, if I was going to spend so much time out there, I might as well make it look nice. So I did!

[I bought the turquoise chair, pouf and turtle pillow at the fifty-dollar store, Target.]

[I had such a hard time choosing a pillow! If you know me, you know that I'm not a fan of "beach away from beach" but I couldn't help myself in this sea-turtle instance.]

[Sunset Magazine, a candle and carnations help personalize the space.]
(P.S. Do you like carnations? Historically, they have never
 been my favorite, but I'm having a definite moment with them right now.)

[Even if I'm just drinking water, I like to pour it into one of these pretty hand-painted wine glasses. Some great family friends gave these to me for my shower and I love them!]

[Cheers :)]

And thanks for reading this week! Have a lovely (hot!) weekend and we'll see 
you back here on Monday! xo Carrie

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