Friday, June 5, 2015

Saturday Morning Market

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we recently moved  to where we hope we will stay for a long, long time.  We will move one more time (hopefully for the last time) into our own little abode by the end of the summer if everything works out.  Anyway, many of the small towns around the Lehigh Valley have farmers markets on Saturday morning - in  Easton and Nazareth, they just happen to be in the center of town on what they call the circle better known to some as the roundabout.  A couple weekends ago, we decided to check out the Easton farmers market and we are so happy that we did.  What I loved most is that the city life just keeps bustling around the circle while you stroll through, sipping coffee, picking up fresh food and enjoying the live music.  We especially loved the warm nutella and strawberry crepe.  My hope for our new house is that we are close enough to walk to the market each weekend and really enjoy the town we live in.  Here are a few pictures if you'd care to see!


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