Friday, May 22, 2015


The last few weeks have been pretty good to's a little peek.

 In case you didn't know, we moved.  Again.  But, hopefully for the last time.  And, our new home has a ton of great parks!

 Last week these two cuties, Chels and I met up in Carlisle to shop and prep for Carrie's bridal shower.  We decided that before all the shopping got underway, we needed to introduce our little ladies to the Hamilton - a Carlisle staple.  Best decision.

 We stayed up super late putting the finishing touches on our letters to our baby sister, Carrie.  I can't wait to share details from the shower in a special post next week!

 At Bear's bridal shower.  These two sat right down to a little lemonade and cookie party of their own.
 Sommer and I got caught in a surprise rain shower the other afternoon.  It came on so quick and so hard that we had no other choice but to get soaked.  Instead of running for cover, we ran around in the rain and after it was done, Sommer jumped in the leftover puddles all evening.

 Tiny reminder of love <3

I couldn't resist trying one of Starbucks new S'mores Frap's, complete with a cookie straw.  I definitely recommend trying it but only as a special treat! :)

I'm not exactly sure what is going on here but I found this on my phone and couldn't resist sharing.  I think they were superhero's off to save the world.  Annabel's got the look down pat!

So thankful that we have family who love our kiddos so much and it is just the best when we can all be together. 
PS - when did Tommy get so tall?!

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