Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Insta-Wednesday: Corners of the Home

In the interest of keeping things new & fresh, WeThree have decided to introduce Insta-Wednesday: one day per week where we post photographs from our Instagram feed around a common theme. Today: corners of the home! Don't forget to follow us. :] 

I love our apartment for a lot of reasons: I feel very safe, it has a gym, it has a pool, and it has my favorite person in the world. ;] But one thing that it doesn't have, at least compared to my old house on Pomfret street, is a lot of character. That's why I love this little corner of my home. I keep this spot in the spare bedroom equipped with some of my favorite things -- a strange print I bought for my future child's bedroom (a guy wearing a crown hiding from some small creatures. weird, yes.), my jewelry holder (complete with perfect spot for my engagement ring), flowers, perfume & my favorite chap-stick. I stop by here every morning right before I head out the door to add the finishing touches to my morning routine. xoCarrie

This little corner of the bookshelf in our bedroom has, for some reason, become my favorite spot in our apartment.  It is never cluttered, easily dusted off and holds a couple things that are near and dear to my heart - a tea cup from my Nan's old house filled with my favorite jewelry, one of my favorite pictures from Carlisle - a constant reminder of home and a gift from Carrie at my bridal shower, and a little pouch of balsam from our trip to Maine last summer.  What I love most is that this corner reminds me everyday of the people and places that I love but don't get to see all the time.
xo Dana 

This cozy little corner is in our master bedroom and will be a work in progress. Rocking chairs, pretty flowers, and a beautiful view of the trees are a great start and provide a comfortable, calm place to spend a few minutes of quiet during nap time or after bed time. But eventually -  as in, when the kids can be counted on to sleep past 8am (who am I kidding...even 7am would be amazing!) - I'm hoping to add a coffee maker, a couple of mugs, and my morning reading basket. I can just see Will and I relaxing here in the mornings while the kids sleep in. But I'm sure it'll be awhile before that happens. In the meantime, I'll sit to rock awhile and enjoy my favorite sunflowers and that lovely view.

 Hope you're having a great week! See you back here on Friday for a sweet treat!

P.s. Happy April! Did anybody get you with an April Fool's joke?

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