Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Insta-Wedneday: In Bloom

The tulip tree is, by far, my very favorite spring-time bloom.  I don't know if its because my mom used to point each and every tulip tree out to us as we drove around town as kids, or because I used to have one right in my own backyard, or just the sheer fact that they are so beautiful from the moment the buds start peeking out to the moment the flowers flutter to the ground; but whatever it is, they will always be my favorite.  My photo above doesn't show you how beautiful these trees really are but I'll share a photo with you that does...

photo credit goes to my man - we miss this tree so much this time of year!

 One of my favorite spring trees is the weeping flowering cherry. I took this photo as Will and I were walking around the beautiful campus of Virginia Tech on Saturday morning, and now I'm planning to plant one in our yard someday. Hopefully over the years we'll also add a tulip tree, forsythia, redbud tree, and a lilac or two. Hope you're taking some time to enjoy all the spring color out there!

One small thing that I indulge in each and every week is fresh flowers from the grocery store. During the winter months the pickins' can be slim, but lately I've had options. And while more often than not I go with hydrangeas or daffodils, recently I went with a huge bunch of pink tulips. If any flower makes me feel like spring is in the air, it's these! If you haven't lately,  treat yo'self at the store next week. ;] xoCarrie

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